Urban Photos

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Source: unsplash

How does the frontmatter look like?

menu: Urban
title: 'Urban Photos'
  include_all: true
      file: harold-wainwright-Bqip9io1wgg-unsplash.jpg
      enabled: true
      name: null
      featured: true
      download_name: null
      access: null
      version: null
      file: lawless-capture-CWxzgiBUFb0-unsplash.jpg
      enabled: true
      name: 'lawless-capture (protected example)'
      featured: false
      download_name: protected.jpg
      access: site.login
      version: null

This page overrides the file harold-wainwright-Bqip9io1wgg-unsplash.jpg and marks it as featured.
Additionally, this page holds a protected asset lawless-capture-CWxzgiBUFb0-unsplash.jpg that you won't be able to see and download, unless you are signed in (access: site.login).

Note also how we are customizing the display name to laweless-capture (protected example) as well as the download name to protected.jpg

Note that because the parent page Photos is set to use layout grid, we don't need to specify it in this page. It will be inherited automatically.